Photo of the Week.


One of the many wild feathered residents of Kauai. The story goes that many of these roosters were indeed caged, but were liberated when hurricane Iniki tore through Kauai in 1992. The origin of the birds is somewhat debated, but most agree they were brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians as a source of food centuries ago.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week.

  1. I remember seeing all the chickens in Kauai when I visited several years ago.. ask 10 people and you get at least 5 origin Good post and a great picture

  2. Hello! I wanted to thank you for liking my initial blog post. My wife and I travel regularly.. and we were actually in Kauai last month. The chickens were a great surprise! if you check back on my blog soon… you will likely catch a glimpse of some of our experience!
    Our trip to Belize took place in Dec. 2013. Cahal Pech was an easy to reach Ruins area. we considered going into Guatemala but instead ventured into the ATM cave for what was an awe-inspiring experience. It was wet and cold, and at times, painful, but our memories of seeing Mayan relics exactly as they were centuries ago are priceless.

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