Journey to the middle of the Earth.

You can’t come to Ecuador and not visit the ecuador (get it?) La Mitad del Mundo (the middle of the world city) is located about a 45 minute cab ride north of Quito. A large monument was built at the site where in 1736 Charles-Marie de La Condamine measured the location of the equator. Well, guess what? He got it wrong. Nevertheless the monument stands and the line demarcating the two halves of the Earth remains. La Condamine wasn’t too far off – about 240 meters – but the really amazing thing is that across the street, at the EXACT equator lies ruins of a thousand year old civilization discovered during an excavation. They got it right. Guess they’ll have to build that shopping center somewhere else.

P1000458 P1000463

Yeah, about that measurement… Well, you gotta play along, it’s the right thing to do.

P1000483 P1000482

There’s an optical illusion in the picture to the left, can you see it?

P1000487 P1000492


Guess what Bill, your plaque is by the bathroom. A church in the middle of it all.


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