Thailand 2009…from playgrounds to possibilities

Five days to construct. Very little experience. A language barrier. Would a playground rise in time? Would it be safe!?



Our blank slate. We arrived at the school in Mae Hong Song with a cleared field. Thankfully the school had organized for the removal of the old (and very dangerous) swing set. Our wood awaited us as well, cut from local teak. The wood was the hardest I had ever seen.

A field takes shape…


Day three, most cuts (with the aid of a single circular saw) are done. The basic framework is erected. Finally it all begins to take shape!



A team effort! The children of the school pitched in and help to beautify the surrounding grounds. Without their help, we would not have finished!


Finished…In the nick of time! So much hard work, teamwork and determination! It’s truly wonderful to see the smiles and hear the laughter. Hopefully the playground will be a safe and happy place for the children to gather for years to come!

And not one finger was lost.

The playground wasn’t our only goal. Wonderful work went into teaching english, administering medical care, and VBS! The efforts of everyone was truly amazing!


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